Community Vegetable Gardens

Our proposals for San Pedro Carchá


November 2016
Renace an innovation guiden

Guatemala is a country with a wide natural richness that many times is not adequately used. Irresponsible practices make crops get in danger, and the sensibility for the organic, due to technological development of our society, is every time less.

Create social consciousness is a hard but not impossible duty. Hydroelectric Complex Renace is one of those Guatemalan business that believe in environmental practices for the development of our country. That is why it has developed environmental significance, that focus on the training of rural communities, in order to develop different practices that will help them improve their health, nutrition and economy conditions as well as contribute to the environment conservation.

Agricultural Excellence is one of the programs that works in 18 communities of influence zone of the hydroelectric project, where specialized technicians train groups of neighbors from San Pedro Carchá, Alta Verapaz, in the best agricultural practices. Through community plots, they teach soil conservation practices, agroforest systems and watering systems so that they can replicate it making their own family vegetable garden and spread it to the other inhabitants. These actions are helping to develop family and community agriculture, having more than 100 projects between nurseries, plots and vegetable gardens encouraged by Renace.

coffee, cacao and cardamom orchard

Family Vegetable Gardens, worked by women in their majority, promote diversification of diet consume from food like: tomato, Swiss chard, beetroot, onion, Sweet pepper, corn and beans. Besides, inside a community plot people can work with focused crops to economical chain like: coffee, cacao and cardamom.

According to Alfredo Maul, Architect and environmentalist, it is possible to have a family garden in a very reduced space.  Even, there is no need of an open space, since with good light and adequate care, we can grow crop in any space, reducing basic basket cost. This is translated in considerable saving besides of growing healthy and organic food, you can also grow medicinal plants.

 This is mainly looking to strengthen rural community inhabitants nutrition trough self-consumption and secondarily allows families to exchange and sell the crops excess.