Technology Changing Lives

Our commitment is with education


February 2016
Renace an innovation  guide

The technology grows by giant steps, it is constantly stirring up the world and accelerates the rhythm of life, in such way that those who do not add up to it get behind. Education is also added to these technological rapids, bringing great benefits, but also emphasize the great differences between those places without access to it. All information is reduced to a computer or a mobile device..


Guatemala is a country of many needs, some of them are education and technology access. That is why Hydroelectric Renace, along with Fundación Telefónica and Fundación Juan Bautista Gutiérrez, have implemented two technologic classrooms in communities Chiacam and Sacsi Chiiyó, Alta Verapaz, as part of the program Educative Excellence. The same consists in the implementation of an infrastructure for community schools; deliver school supplies, educative cases for teachers, scholarships and technological classrooms equipment to knock down the digital barrier. In other words tools that contribute to the progress of communities with limited resources.

“The program is effective. Girls and boys have the opportunity to make investigation by their own. Previously, the person in charge of the Internet center was the one who made the whole investigation.”

Chiacam classroom has 20 computers for elementary and middle school students from eleven different communities with an approximate of 3,500 people which utilize the installations every month. In total there are 26 small villages that benefit through different groups.

Chiacam neighbors and other communities of the area come to the technological classroom to learn about technology. (Photo: George Rojas/Soy502)

To satisfy educational needs of such communities, it was necessary the  laboration of Q’eqchi’ material. For it, Javier Tiul Gualná, community leader, created an instructions manual for the adequate use of the computer, which is used by students as well as teachers.

“Family parents are happy because they want to keep walking and improve. They have realized that their children, trough technology, learn many things”. Amilcar Maaz, Technical Coordinator

District Administration Classrooms have had good acceptation by community settlers, who affirm that this is an alternative which will bring development to their communities.